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High Efficiency Shower Heads

High efficiency shower heads are a lifesaver for not just your familyís budget, but also for your local environment and community. As the name implies, these showers significantly reduce the amount of water expended for each shower that you take. Itís a shock to many people how much water a simple shower can consume, even if itís short. Add to this the power needed to heat a homeís water and youíre looking at an expense that can add up quick.

Run-off and consumption are too major water problems that come with a shower head that expels a lot of water. While, most people arenít going to stop showering, using a high efficiency model can greatly lessen the problems mentioned above.

When looking for a high efficiency unit, make sure to shop around. Lots of companies like to slap this label on everything they produce, but with nothing to show for it. Find out how much water your current head consumes to compare to the listing on a new model. Thereís no reason to buy a new model, just to find that itís barely making a difference.

One common complaint with against these models is that the spray is weak, and this objection is true for a number of models and a lot of the earlier units. However, companies have tried hard to work against this problem, providing high pressure units that while not consuming more water, create a steady and strong flow, which often rivals the standard flow of a shower head.

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